TVBET объявили о запуске благотворительного фонда Bet on Good Foundation

TVBET объявили о запуске благотворительного фонда Bet on Good Foundation

It’s been seven months since the war in Ukraine broke out. In this time, we’ve seen communities across the world come together to show their support for the Ukrainian people – whether that be through displaying the flag on their website, raising funds or stopping business in both Russia and Belarus.

On 23 September, Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska took the podium at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to launch a new global charity fund.

The aim, she explained, is to “restore the human capital of Ukraine so that every citizen feels physically and mentally healthy and protected, and can exercise their right to education, work, and build a future in their native country”.

That same night, TVBET CEO Peter Korpusenko spoke at the SBC Awards in Barcelona, where he presented his company’s new charitable fund – the Bet on Good Foundation. This aims to support Ukraine and intends to bring together representatives of the igaming industry from all over the world to concentrate their fundraising efforts and “make good stronger”.

Speaking to SBC News, Korpusenko walks us through the decision to launch the new foundation, telling us about its mission and plans for the future.

SBC: Your speech at the SBC Awards was very well received by those in attendance! It was great to see the support that people were giving for the Ukrainian people. How do you feel about this reaction?

PK: Hello Erin! What can I say – I am proud to be part of this market. Over the last seven months, we have seen the support of many companies from all over the world, especially, of course, from the Baltic countries, Poland and Great Britain. I also saw that you wrote about this situation and provided your platform for raising such serious issues.

SBC: Since the Awards, have there been any companies that have expressed their desire to become partners of the fund?

PK: Yes, definitely! After the speech, applications to join the foundation immediately appeared on our website. Moreover, many more people approached me and expressed their concern about the Ukrainian issue and their readiness to support our initiative. Right now, I’d like to keep the exact details close to my chest, but believe me, you will soon know about everything.

SBC: Listening to your speech, we learnt that you want to unite representatives of the global igaming industry to help Ukraine. How do you go about joining the fund? And what will the funds raised be used for?

PK: Yes, our key idea is to focus the efforts of our entire market on solving the most pressing problems of our time. Today, this problem is the war in Ukraine: this includes a catastrophic humanitarian crisis created by the war, just like the need of the Ukrainian military for such things as winter uniforms, food and much more.

Now we are forming a council within our fund, which any representative of our partner company can join so that together we can decide on the distribution of funds for specific support formats. Together with our partners, we will also promote and highlight the foundation’s activities to attract more attention and support in the future.

SBC: What has the foundation achieved so far? And what more can we expect?

PK: So far, we have launched our website,, where people can apply to show their support. Together with TVBET, we have also been purchasing cars for the Ukrainian army – this is something I will tell you more about very soon.

We spoke at your event and urged people to show their support for Ukraine. We are in active communication with existing and potential partners – so there is much more to come.

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Author: Carl Wright