Facing the Fear of New Beginnings – Betting on the Betlyons

Facing the Fear of New Beginnings – Betting on the Betlyons

“Everything you’ve ever wanted, is on the other side of fear.” ~G. Addair

Today, I am thinking of our children.   The new school year has started for most children. Our boys are no different.  One is starting a brand new chapter of his life as a Freshman at West Virginia University, and the other is starting Junior High as an eighth grader.  So many new beginnings for both of them, and even a few new beginnings for us. With the oldest off to college, it can be a little hard to let go. He is an adult now…even if he is just a baby adult. The youngest has joined the marching band, which means adventures with older kids, and trusting that he will make good decisions.

So that has me thinking about fear.  I read something somewhere…probably on Pinterest or some inspirational poster…”Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  These words have stuck with me throughout my adult life. There have been numerous times that I have been faced with a decision…sometimes scary…to stay where I’m at or make a change.  I can honestly say, the times that I’ve been brave enough to ignore the butterflies in my stomach, and to take the leap of faith, are the times that I have received the most blessings. My marriage has been blessed beyond measure as we continue to grow together. We have a beautiful blended family, with kiddos that I couldn’t be more proud of!  I am blessed to be living in a beautiful part of the country.  My relationship with my parents has improved.  And the list could go on and on.

That being said…I still have fears!  I am often faced with fear when I think about pursuing my passion…and it holds me back and prevents me from taking the leap towards attaining my goals.  I’m going to continue to pray for the boys as they both venture off into their own futures with the start of a new school year that they aren’t held back by fear. That the oldest is successful as he navigates through college life, (and has fun)! That the youngest joins school clubs that looks fun,(the marching band is good start)!  That they talk to the pretty girl sitting across from them.  That they make new friends and make new memories…because they don’t let fear hold them back!  A lesson we could all learn!!  And maybe…I’ll face my own fears in the process!

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Author: Carl Wright