Back After A Break – Betting on the Betlyons

Back After A Break – Betting on the Betlyons

What a winter! I’ve been absent for the last few months because…well…life.

My winter was spent working and focusing on my little family, but there have been a lot of changes since we last chatted, and I’m happy to report that I am back and looking forward to writing again and sharing our adventures with you all.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing about our most recent move. Yes, you read that correctly, we’ve moved again. This time we have landed in South East Wisconsin! The land of beer and cheese. Have I ever mentioned how much I love cheese? And beer? I’m looking forward to exploring our new home state and sharing adventures with y’all along the way.

I’ll also be opening up about our fertility journey, an aspect of our lives that I’ve kept very private over the past four years. Our journey is probably a little different than some, but there have been ups and downs along the way, and maybe there is someone out there who can identify!

I’ll also be sharing some posts on our adventures from the fall and winter! We visited some pretty wonderful and unique places in Michigan that you should definitely add to your list if you find yourself in the area!

I don’t plan to change much about the blog, I’ll still be sharing recipes, adventures, creative writing, photography and a few of my favorite things. I’ll be sharing my perspective on parenting and step-parenting. The highs and lows, the wins and losses of life. So please stay tuned!

Until Next Time: Peace, Love & Adventures

Jess xoxo

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Author: Carl Wright